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Ed Pratt Round the World UnicycleTrip
On March 14th Ed Pratt, (Hardwick ’14) set of an adventure of a life time – he is embarking on an 18,000 mile, round the world cycle ride - on a unicycle! He says his goal is to become the first person ever to officially circumnavigate the globe on one wheel.

He said: "The ride isn’t about getting around as quickly as possible (I estimate it taking me about 2 years), but experiencing and engaging with the countries I pass through. I am camping as much as possible to give me the flexibility of where to sleep and also drastically cut down on accommodation costs. I am carrying the tent, sleeping bag, cooking stove and everything else in 2 custom made panniers that attach front and back of my unicycle."

He is raising money and awareness for School in a Bag, which is an initiative run by the Piers Simon Appeal. School in a Bag provide aid, in the form of SchoolBags, to poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. Each SchoolBag is filled with stationery equipment and resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and, above all, learn. To find out more about Ed’s amazing trip and the charity he is supporting visit his website
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