The Old Wellingtonians’ Association is run by a voluntary committee who represent a cross-section of OWs. They meet at various times of the year to plan, organise and run a range of friendship-raising events which are aimed at a broad range of OWs. They also provide leadership, support and guidance to the Development Office at school in the publication and distribution of newsletters, website updates and social media, all of which is aimed at sharing news amongst OWs, no matter where you are based.

The OWA Committee represents the OWA at school events, such as on Remembrance Day and on Commemoration Day, and warmly welcomes each school leaver to the OWA friendship group as their time at school draws to an end. At the saddest times, when an OW or close family member has passed away, they offer comfort and support to their peers, often travelling some distance to ensure there is a school representative at funeral and memorial services.

And all of this with a smile and a welcome word of encouragement.

Members of the committee are elected by OWs at the Annual General Meeting, according to the OWA’s Constitution which appears below. Everyone is invited to attend and vote, and the nominees for all elections are published here 28 days prior to the elections.

The current OWA committee members are listed below and documents relating to the next AGM on Saturday 14 October 2017 can be accessed here :

OWA AGM Agenda 2017
OWA AGM Minutes 12 November 2016
OWA Consitution

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact

The OWA Committee
President John Darvall – Overside ‘85
Chairwoman Caroline Heaton (nee Morse) – Beech ‘83
Vice Chairman Mike Fuller – Lights ‘85
Hon Treasurer Mike Rogers – Oak ‘82
Hon Secretary Vacant
Committee Members: Paul Farmer – Willows ‘83
  Simon Cross -Richards '71
  Graham Nye - Willows '60
  Matthew Colman – Hardwick ‘87
  Rob Palfrey – Richards ‘92
  Rachel Debenham – Gillard’s ‘92
OWA Representatives:  
Wellington School Foundation Graham Nye
Board of Governors Rob Palfrey
Friends of Wellington School Simon Cross
Memorial Chapel Trustees Paul Farmer, Graham Nye and Caroline Heaton

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